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<Guild> opens recruitment!

Tyr / Jun 21, 2019
<Guild> is now recruiting!
(EU-PvP) Alliance
We are a brand new Hardcore Raiding guild.

Raid times:
Wednesday > Thursday > Tuesday > (More when needed for progression)
20:00 - 24:00 (Server time)

<Guild> is now opening recruitment, looking for men and women to fill every role of our new, growing guild.
We are mainly recruiting Core Raiders who plan to powerlevel, but will consider applications for the latecomers (1+ months to 60) and Socials as well.
Our goal is to dominate our server's faction and beyond, and eventually making a name for ourselves on the speedrunning scene.
Once our main raid has content on farm, we hope to split it in two and compete against ourselves, while further improving our gear progression.

We are currently looking for people who:
Aim to be a core member of their faction's best PvE guild
Strive to improve their individual play
Prepare and listen to instructions to keep everyone following the same tactics
Stay humble, but enjoy min/maxing and theorycrafting
Are positive and can help maintain a non-toxic guild environment.

What we will strive to offer:
A highly coordinated PvE guild that plans and explains every step
Transparent, competent and fair leadership that recognizes and rewards your dedication
An atmosphere full of excellent and knowledgeable artisans in the true meaning of a Guild.

High: Prot and Fury (Human) Warriors, (Human) Rogues, Mages, Holy Paladins, Warlocks, (Dwarf) Priests
Medium: Hunters
Low: Feral and Resto Druids

Apply here:

Looking forward to getting to know you!


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